New Fiat 500X: back to the future with new FireFly engines

12 September 2018

New Fiat 500X: back to the future with new FireFly engines

  • The Fiat Italian crossover has all-new look, technology and engines.
  • Refreshed exteriors with Full-LED headlights and new interiors in the best 500 style.
  • Next-generation FireFly Turbo 1.0 and 1.3 engines are up to 20% more fuel-efficient than petrol engines and up to 20% quieter than turbo diesel counterparts delivering the same performance.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition, Speed Advisor and Lane Assist are standard on all versions, for unbeatable safety and assistance at the wheel.
  • The latest word in connectivity with Uconnect 7″ HD LIVE touchscreen, guaranteeing a complete integration with the smartphone thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM functions.
  • All-new range with two bodies and three trim levels – Urban, City Cross and Cross.
  • The two and a half minutes short movie, inspired by the cult film “Back to the Future”* and presenting the New 500X in an original, amusing style, is on air from today and can be viewed at this link.
  • The model is leader in Italy in its segment and has been consistently in the top five best-sellers in its category in Europe since 2016.


Fiat 500X, the Italian crossover, has been updated inside and out with new looks and new technology to satisfy the latest mobility needs in a fast-growing segment in which 500X is already leading in Italy and in Europe, where it has gained a firm footing as one of the top five best-selling models in its segment since 2016.
The New 500X has an entirely refreshed exterior with new LED light clusters and Full-LED headlights, and updated interiors, which underline its unmistakable 500 identity even further, while delivering greater functionality and comfort at the same time. Furthermore, the new model offers for the first time on a Fiat an all-new family FireFly Turbo of three- and four-cylinder petrol engines which guarantee driving satisfaction and up to 20% better fuel efficiency than previous petrol engines, while being remarkably 20% quieter than their turbo diesel counterparts. Efficient and innovative, the two engines are yet another confirmation of the engineering supremacy of the Group. Not unlike their namesake, the new FireFly Turbo engines are the most compact and cleanest power source currently fitted on Fiat cars.
The driving experience is as pleasant, comfortable and safe as ever with the new driving assist systems offered as standard equipment on all versions. The automatic traffic sign recognition system in connection with the Speed Advisor allows drivers to avoid breaking the speed limit by adapting, with a simple click, the car’s speed using information it read from road signs along the way, while Lane Assist standard is a departure warning system for use on motorways.
For the launch of the new 500X, Fiat has made a delightful two and a half minute short movie, inspired by the cult film “Back to the Future”*, which consolidates the bond between the brand and the world of cinema.  This relationship culminated last year with the tribute video “See you in the future”, created to celebrate the 60th birthday of Fiat 500 and starring Oscar-winner actor Adrien Brody. The new film is based on the concept of an exciting journey through time, in which a young couple start out in the ’60s on board a Fiat 600 of the period and are catapulted into the present at the wheel of the New 500X. The short movie ends with a special appearance by American actor Christopher Lloyd, in the cameo role of a policeman, who signals the end of the journey through time with a knowing wink.

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