Doblò Combi

Doblò Combi

The ideal vehicle for transporting people and goods.


Comfortable access, easy loading and unloading

Two rear door types: asymmetrical swing doors, or glazed The swing doors, available in a glazed version, are 123 cm wide, exactly in line with the width between wheel arches, and 125 cm high on the standard versions and 146 cm high on the high roof versions.
Rear handle to allow easy opening of the swing doors for both right and left handed operation.
Two large sliding side doors – 70 cm wide and 117 cm high – with the slide rail recessed in the vehicle body.
Rear load threshold just 5 cm from the ground.


GVW: 2000 to 2200 kg
No. of seats and capacity (including the driver): 5 seats and up to 453 kg;
Wheelbase: 2755 and 3105 mm
External dimensions:
– Length: 4390 and 4740 mm
– Height: 1845 and 2100 mm
– Width: 1832 mm
Luggage compartment dimensions:
– Length: from 950 to 1300 mm
– Width: from 1120 to 1261 mm
– Height: from 600 to 1250 mm